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LET OFF STEAM Venting area and Hyde Park Corner

This forum is for topics that are venting and or old subject matter not related to other forums. If you need to vent or get on a soapbox then post here. If your posts in other forums are off topic or are venting or soap boxing, they may be moved here by the site moderators.

Let Off Steam, and Humour

There are a range of disparate forums in here for your interest.

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No new posts Devils Advocates

This is the forum where you ask questions and get replies you may not like or even expect !

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Preview To all my trolls, Especially Mr AB The Wolf 3 226
Preview Posts split from "The brutal truth about do… anonymoususername 2 406
ocf_emoticons/cool Preview first ever 'Minister for the Prevention of…

A Blog post about the first ever 'Minister for the Prevention of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault'.

OneRingRules 1 211
Preview Time for people to take responsibility for…

Taking personal responsibility

ExtremelyRight 2 530
Preview Christmas Sleepy 13 877
Preview Corruption between Julia Gillard and Diana… 1 262
Preview ANGER ISSUES louise 7 530
Preview Another Example of How Family Court Orders… 13 1,560


Richard7632 4 1,542
Preview Finding fairness - an endless journey Sleepy 2 287
Preview Ex absconds with Children after school - in… Willfred 3 1,257
Preview Hypocrite faith 2 635
Preview New age family forms Istvan1985 9 748
Preview Artificial insemination and the meaning of… Istvan1985 3 1,009
Preview IstVan1985 pretending to be a Guest stays o… Guest 1 630
Preview Private sperm donation Closed Istvan1985 1 381
Preview Curious Gecko 13 1,438
Preview More deleted posts
larissap 32 2,577
Preview WHY was my CSA thread deleted? Closed

It was not offensive. It was open to discussion.

no1rly 7 2,012
Preview How can I invoice CSA for my time reading &… bornstupid 4 581
Preview Men's Health Week

Apparently it was this week

Craigo 1 410
Preview suicide

for a cause

spraygun 7 1,077
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview The Criminal Code. Parliament have made Law… Poll

Section 34 of the Family Law Act creates the judicial power for FamCA Judges to create Writs of mandamus, prohibition/certiorari and injunctions. That power is relied on at 39B(1EA) of the Judiciary Act 1903 to prevent the application of those Writs from

No-Justice 41 8,079
Preview April's Rants Closed
MikeT 24 8,904
Preview Deleting Posts - Evidence act - anything ab… ClosedHot topic Calista 8 547
Preview Geeko's rant that isn't a rant according to… Hot topic Gecko 13 501
Preview The myths of a boy not so young as debunked… MikeT 1 439
Preview Attachment theory

One person's experience

Boots 1 1,098
Preview Issues arising - Last chance to oppose Gill…
Babushka 26 5,649
Preview % of care - thoughts
finding_it_hard 28 7,895
Preview Best of the Season Craigo 3 1,046
Preview Topic #6798 (no title) larissap 12 2,517
Preview 4 Kalimna larissap 4 1,494
Preview Guests whigne taken from % of care thoughts MikeT 1 275
Preview Constant Administrative Reviews - Is this j… EMW1965 2 485
Preview maemac's criticisms Closed MikeT 12 1,118
Preview Magistrate didn't read my application!!! Ange 3 2,354
Preview The feminist trojan horse in Family Law PeterNolan 7 1,744
Preview Putting the cat among the pigeons
larissap 45 4,028
Preview Once again the media is making assumptions Boots 2 320

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