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Let off Steam and Venting area for Australian FAMILY LAW issues, Visitation, Courts etc.

If you need to vent, complain, moan or get on a soapbox then post here. If your posts in other Family Law forums (above) are off topic/venting/soap boxing/complaining, they may be edited, deleted or moved here by the site moderators.
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Preview the rotten press

best to ignore some of it, other than to be annoyed

sharonserene 4 895
ocf_emoticons/guitar Preview When/will this system ever be changed or ab… Closed

Is all the hardship, expence, conflict and tension really worth it for a misguided sense of moral principle???

no1rly 8 3,580
Preview What is your solution to the corruption of… Closed
JohnRambo112 38 21,485

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