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Grand Parents

Issues with Grandparents having contact problems or being denied contact
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Preview Let Grandparents Speak monteverdi 2 261
ocf_emoticons/hand Preview Can I stop grandparents from having visitat… fido 20 32,150
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview The great issues

My boyfriend and recently got pregnant and are excited about our little girl, unfortunately the excitement is also troubled with fear as his grandmar as threatened to try and take it away, I live at home with my father and have no mental issues ect.

Jessic3621 2 318
Preview And the chances for these grand parents are? Boots 3 433
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Do grandparents have rights?

Grandparents do have rights to make an application for time with grandchildren, under the Family Law Act.

SammiSez 2 496
Preview Sudden change in childs attitude. ghosta 1 1,061
Preview Are there any real support organisations fo… tellthetruth 8 9,723
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Not allowed to see Grandson

My daughter said that we could take my grandson who is 8 on holiday with us and after arrangements were made she changed her mind.

Brokenharted 23 13,417
Preview Have permanent care order for grandchild an…

need opinion

lacoca 3 3,669
Preview grandmother wants access to our children Johno22 5 5,074
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview really stressed over continuing court proce… muppet 4 4,579
ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview Grandmother using children as Weapon, my mo…

Using children to gain access to parent.

Janus 2 5,474
Preview Grandmother seeks access time with grandsons

Can some one help please? (I don't live in Sydney.)

pendy burke 15 8,743
Preview Holidays and Grandparents lastupenda 12 5,871
Preview protecting your children from unhealthy rel… worried_mum 2 2,991
Preview Grandmother threatens legal action qldgirl47 4 3,866
Preview Red Roses

Lost grandchildren

Red Roses 5 3,719
Preview Grandparents cut off from kids seek changes… Calista 1 3,073
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Grandparents Stories

I have never had contact with my only grandchildren now 4 and 2 years of age who live only 10 minutes away by car. I have never seen them not even a photo. I am a grandparent denied contact with my grandchildren by their own mother, my daughter (only chil

Calista 3 3,553
Preview Grandparents Denied Contact Wanted Calista 1 2,675
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview Grandparents rights

I would never stop my 10month old sons grandmother from seeing him, all she has to do is contact me or my partner (her son) to organize a time and place, but I do have one condition, I be present at all meets as I do not trust her

TLA90 3 3,813
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview Exceptional Grandparents Gibbs 19 8,844
Preview Grandparents Denied Contact Calista 1 3,960
Preview Courts are doing more damage to families th… Ray 2 3,079
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Grandparents & Grandchildren contact lobby Closed

The 2006 reforms to the Family Law Act 1975 require decisions to be made in the 'best interests of the child'. By recognising the important role grandparents (and other relatives) play in children's lives, the reforms reflect Article 8 of the Convention,

Calista 14 7,848
Preview The other side of the equation Closed oneadadc 20 10,264
Preview What is considered reasonable grandparent a… Rosebud 8 7,361
Preview Deceased ex-wife's parents seeking custody panther 9 5,634
Preview When emotional and verbal abuse are involved Closed Cupcake 3 4,580
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Grandparents contact denied Closed

I am asking on behalf of my mother who is grandmother to my two children and to two boys from my brother. My mother and sister-in-law had a disagreement of global proportions several years ago and has since denied my mother contact with her two grandsons.

larascupboard 6 5,783
Preview Sons ex trying to take grandparents time wi… del 3 4,150
Preview Benefit the public at large or a group of p… Calista 1 2,840
Preview A National Body for Grandparents Calista 1 2,962
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview Child Violence Forum attended yesterday

Child Violence is increasing. You will no longer be allowed to make contact orders for children through the Children's Court begining 2010

Calista 4 4,499
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview For GRANDPARENTS

An important event for Grandparents

Calista 1 3,169
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Exes parents trying to sue for visitation singlemum 1 2,871
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Call for Grandparents to respond now

A new Australian Study of Grandparents with Grandchildren whose Parents have Separated. Grandparents of children aged between 2-10 years whose parents separated between 1 January 2004 and 31 December 2008 are invited to participate in a survey being condu

Secretary SPCA 3 4,112
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Grandparent seeking visitation

Do we have to attend mediation? What is the success rate of grandparents obtaining visitation despite both parents opposing this?

help 8 5,267
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview One day workshop on career Grandparents

The CSNSEG (Child Support National Stakeholder Engagement Group) are conducting a panel workshop on Tuesday 23rd June with special emphasis on Grandparents who are careers.

Secretary SPCA 2 3,440
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Legal Rights for Grand Parents

What legal rights do grandparents have under the changed legislation? Are their rights tied up with the parents or totally separate?

monteverdi 3 7,169

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