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New users should use this forum for getting started with Health & Wellbeing issues. Moderators will answer these posts or move them to the appropriate forums, where required. Guest posts remain invisible until 'validated' by a Moderator.
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Preview ICL's authority anonymoususername 10 1,950
Preview Can we copy the name of famous knowns?

Want to name my daughter as "ROSE BYRNE"

demelzareveley 3 888
Preview Do they have a right to know? faith 11 2,981
Preview Psycholocial assessment


Loco 3 757
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Stress and court

How do I deal with this?

Circe 10 1,374
Preview Christmas and Gender

Christmas can be a stressful time for families, which can be experienced differently by men and by women.

matrix 14 3,483
Preview help me make sense of my life and what my c… scott321 3 5,530
Preview Costs of travel for visitation with children Closed

Can we claim some costs as expenses (if need be) if father visits them?

ajae 5 2,172
Preview Mothers rights

Concern for childs safety

Tannie2 7 2,136
Preview child abuse allegations..

if 17 pages of serious allegations of child abuse isnt enough evidence.. maybe someone here can help us understand what is it the court needs in way of evidence? the longer this woman cares for these children the more at risk they are.. 8 6,204
Preview Proffessional Legal Required StGeorge 1 2,176
ocf_emoticons/hand Preview "In the best interest of the children" Poll StGeorge 10 5,252
Preview Should Child Support be paid to a parent wh… jjudimurphy 2 765
Preview What Do I Do? McKenzie Friend 6 3,987
Preview What is a "mention'?and what is the differe… forthekids 3 799
Preview Worried for safety of 7 year old girl

Anger issues with her older 10 year old brother

Auslady 3 2,258
Preview The Smart Step-Parent: Knowing Your Place i…

Step-parents often discover that the ambiguous nature of their role leads to great frustration. Being a smart step-parent starts by knowing your place in the family.

matrix 10 5,808
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Mother alcohol problem. Child under fathers…

What chance do I have to get my child back?

jankowe 14 3,881
Preview Best interest of child - is this being served?
Boots 21 3,873
Preview Child abuse Hot topic

My son is in danger

quolls 29 4,034
Preview Cash strapped couples lift divorce rate

Relationships Australia says the increase could be linked to the global financial crisis.

matrix 1 840
Preview Is divorce considered adequate for property…

Years of Divorce vs Property Settlement

Stuck4Answers 4 2,188
Preview Conflicted Feelings ukelele 3 667
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Medical expenses

Who is responsible for childrens medical expenses

Guest 10 2,184
Preview Reducing the stress...Budget Cutting CrazyWorld 7 1,818
Preview Cross application Reason 3

Mother says did not agree to ballet lessons in 2009, yet encourages daughter to ask for them to be paid for in 2010

ajae 13 1,456
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview To tell or NOT to tell?... If YES what amou…

Do I disclose any information to my 13 yr old if not doing so is potentially psychologically damaging?

beautifulDAY 2 587
ocf_emoticons/wink Preview Impact on shared parenting outcome if you g…

Impact on court if they see you as stressed or depression

fleagle 8 2,917
Preview Revealed: Australia's suicide epidemic - Sh… dad4life 1 295
Preview Step parent interferring on medical issues faith 4 652
Preview Has any one heard about Quantum Mind Power ? Closed mcgrath 6 883
Preview When all seems too hard !

Fight and fight some more.

kangawolafox 3 624
Preview Solicitor Causing Problems

Solicitor will not do his job

kangawolafox 3 482
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview The battle seems too hard kangawolafox 5 609
ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview I feel like I'm drowning in hopelessness

My children are at risk and nobody cares

Battered-dad 10 1,002
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview One for all - I believe not ClosedHot topic

Parenting classes, improve parenthood, but then why do you not propose that all parents, separated or not must undergo such classes? Perhaps alternately explain why suddenly when divorced a parent suddenly loses parenting skills that were previously accep

MikeT 27 2,994
Preview Survey on Child abuse and neglect Sunk oneadadc 1 1,007

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