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Getting Started - Shared Parenting

New users should use this forum for getting started with Parenting issues. Moderators will answer these posts or move them to the appropriate forums, where required. Guest posts remain invisible until 'validated' by a Moderator.
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Preview School/kindergarten selection Guest 4 1,534
Preview ex wants to move schools

if ex wants to move kids schools can i stop this

Guest 2 1,307
Preview Parenting Courses Brisbane

I have and order in place so now need to find a course.

wabbit 9 3,104
Preview Can a dad demand children to stayover?

How to help my sister?

sisterstress 6 1,239
Preview Calling parents of 2-12 year olds Biene 1 827
Preview Shared parenting and school distance.

My son's school is 3/4 hr from home during peak traffic and from his mom's about 10 mins

Ossman 21 4,603
Preview Equal Shared Parental Responsibility ?

What is it ?

wabbit 12 2,162
Preview FAIR Shared Parenting 101
the_second_wife 25 8,572
Preview A child living in 2 homes Chlova 14 2,773
Preview What would you do smurfergirl 4 700
Preview Step parent responsibilities and legal rights ndm 7 1,713
Preview No formal parenting orders..what to do?

Really need advice please

JG 5 2,200
Preview Shared parenting- 2 year old

Shared parenting- 2 year old- examples/ rulings/ research please

GreatDad 3 718
Preview Appropriate amount of contact between child…

I'm currently withholding unsupervised and supervised is about to start

Circe 6 1,343
Preview I have s60I certificate - now ex wants to n…


iclimbhard 12 2,000
Preview overnights and a 7 year old google 4 1,192
Preview Consent orders including counselling and dr… Circe 8 2,032
Preview Status quo? repartnered_mum 5 1,120
Preview Shared responsibility and shared costing Guest 10 2,300
Preview Best interests of the child kindergarten Perennial 7 1,445
Preview Contravened for following Final Orders - OUCH!

Contravention after Final Orders for where childrens live

iclimbhard 5 1,322
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Given Name for Child - She wants to be in t… Guest 3 714
Preview Mother moving teenager away to Griffith wit… McLong 6 1,164
Preview Playing nice in return for access leroy 20 4,634
Preview sole care of 13 year old. Missali 1 513
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Any consent needed to change school? Guest 5 802
Preview Infants and overnight care - post separatio… Samba 7 5,305
Preview change of access visits nambet 2 865
Preview Changing a childs surname Yorkiebar 6 6,504
Preview How to get your kid on a plane? Atomic 5 1,298
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Filing consent orders fishman3226 2 4,651
ocf_emoticons/rockon Preview Visitation for Toddler DSnME 5 4,093
Preview Shared Care and Shift Work Guest 9 779
Preview how does mediation actually work? repartnered_mum 5 2,832
Preview Swapping to Sole Parental Responsibility wh… Tulip 6 1,610
Preview newborn baby - parenting plan disagreement

what's age appropriate

Guest 2 1,083
Preview When one parents doesn't want to have time… 3boz 2 670
Preview Where to from here? McKenzie Friend 1 688
Preview where to start on parenting orders? repartnered_mum 11 2,217
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Dad deploying and wants his GF to have acce…
Guest 25 6,921

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