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Getting Started - Shared Parenting

New users should use this forum for getting started with Parenting issues. Moderators will answer these posts or move them to the appropriate forums, where required. Guest posts remain invisible until 'validated' by a Moderator.
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Preview preparation for mediation - help please

no access to child, for no reason.. been going on 6 yrs

wat2do 2 1,402
Preview What if one parent doesnt follow the parent… Summergren 4 1,601
Preview father wants to move interstate
mumtoone 21 5,214
Preview Contravention of Consent Orders kathg 8 2,046
Preview School Holidays

What will the courts say this time?

Guest 15 3,003
Preview Parenting order tslu69 15 2,054
Preview Any cases where non-custodial parent won pa…

non-custodial passports

Loco 8 2,908
Preview Psychologist to Provide Private Child Inclu… Twentypercent 1 544
Preview Request from other parent for Passport Appl… kathg 15 1,883
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Have to give up FIFO position

Gob Smacked...Ex wife will not agree to new days of contact and refusing access to the kids unless I give up FIFO position

Loco 4 2,108
Preview Lets make one thing very Clear!
oneadadc 25 3,446
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Change of care - Allegations Guest 6 1,735
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Family report

Going into family report. what to expect ?

victorby 1 789
Preview Travel

Who does what?

booberrypink 4 867
Preview My God! Just went to FDR and am lost for wo…

1 day extra and no fight from my lawyer.

Ossman 3 1,484
Preview Communication Hurdles Guest 4 1,162
Preview Can ex wife take a mobile phone away from m… jungar 1 629
Preview temporary change to care, what happens if t… Alltogether 1 594
Preview Can ex wife order my partner not to contact… Loco 7 883
Preview Separated siblings tslu69 1 488
Preview Shared parenting with shift work wantwhatsfair 9 2,562
Preview Overnights for 10 month old?

Query of how the family courts lean towards consenting overnights

Charlie 56 10,732
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Can anyone help me with what I do for a rea…

Court case looming and not sure what to give the court/ex for the readiness hearing

Muffin 2 873
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Kids missing A LOT of school

50/50 care, kids missing school regularly when in mother's care

capt_frustrated 15 6,170
Preview Is shared parenting possible when one paren… Bruce Wayne 3 1,923
Preview Schooling issues DSnME 6 1,781
Preview Known sperm donor wanted more than just as…

He wants to be a father role model not just some known donor

Singlemum2011 25 7,920
Preview parenting plans ineedtono 5 1,916
Preview children and medical treatment ineedtono 4 1,323
Preview SHARED PARENTING - A summary of the researc…

by Belinda Fehlberg and Bruce Smyth

wowo 44 9,525
Preview What parenting plan to follow?? Summergren 4 979
Preview 50/50 shared care agreement concord 9 2,145
Preview Verbal agreement backfiring? need advice pl…

No binding agreement

MariaM 7 1,764
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview Why does the mother get to decide how often…
missy 24 3,519
Preview Shared Parenting plans whatbus 1 850
Preview Sole Parental Resposnsibility

Just needing to know I'm on the right track

Guest 2 1,158
Preview Worried Mum Guest 1 1,232
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Changing to Sole Parental Responsibility

Support / Advice needed please

lasting1 3 1,125
Preview What to do now

Parent Alienation

mitcheeb 12 2,944
Preview Ex has a flatmate moving in

What rights do I have regarding this- also query about child care

Scribe17 7 1,800

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