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Getting Started - Shared Parenting

New users should use this forum for getting started with Parenting issues. Moderators will answer these posts or move them to the appropriate forums, where required. Guest posts remain invisible until 'validated' by a Moderator.
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Preview Father's Day - 5th September 2009 Sunnyside 13 1,888
Preview Access Dates Frost 15 2,618
Preview My 13yo daughter wants one weekend a fortni… jan 4 1,525
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Unaccompanied Travel Between Parents

My ex won't let my 8yr old daughter fly direct from Sydney to Townsville unaccompanied.

bon000000 5 1,055
Preview Fair share and breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be used to frustrate and prevent baby and father relationship post-separation.

isy 11 1,391
Preview Mother's "right" to give child a mobile...?
rabbit 23 3,025
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Facebook and Children

Should the other parent be allowed to set up fake facebook accounts?

dirkepitt 1 606
Preview Mediation issues and what should I ask for ? immarni 2 1,137
Preview Determining Superannuation values

I want to formulate a "fair" offer and settle without solicitors

Guest 2 1,191
Preview Should I apply for sole parental responsibi…

I think I WOULD probably have it ordered, but does that mean I SHOULD?

beautifulDAY 12 1,925
Preview Trying my best

Advice sought on getting basic "concrete" access

noog 5 903
Preview Shared Responsibility CrazyWorld 5 952
Preview Advice sought to get ex involved with his c… seventhheaven 5 842
Preview My kids want to stay with me now. We do hav… thistime 3 555
ocf_emoticons/shutup Preview Interstate Dad

How to get my kid to WA for a holiday

Guest 1 399
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Ex fails drug test

Ex fails drug test can I bet getting 100% of the Kids

speckle 5 1,004
Preview Equal Shared Parental Responsibility Namaste 5 1,316
Preview Why now ?

shared care

confusious 6 947
Preview Shared Parenting Payments Decisions 8 1,569
Preview shared parenting-general question Namaste 7 1,001
Preview Repercussions of minor contravention? rabbit 8 1,507
Preview sending children interstate to visit their dad HubbyPays 18 2,671
Preview Shared parenting
Saphire 26 2,293
Preview If my partners ex doesn't feel the need for…

Can mediation be forced to assist in developing a parenting plan?

KGDF 5 814
Preview can shared parenting happen in the family h… lisbri60 10 1,094
Preview Parenting Plan with a Grandparent

My wife has died and now my mother in law is demanding a parent plan

Guest 8 1,240
Preview "substantial" in relation to time spent wit… BusyBee2009 3 616
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview How best to make it work?

Shared Care

Guest 2 455
Preview Concerned about losing my right to parent Star_light 8 1,791
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Haven't been told father's new address
Tulip 22 1,857
Preview Private schooling Sunnyside 9 818
Preview Can anyone help with parenting arrangement… mummum 5 1,096
Preview Holidays time approaches..... insomuch 3 746
Preview Interstate - What to expect ?

how much time are we entitiled to?

Guest 2 530
Preview Advice for an "amicable" breakup

Do we need to involve mediators?

Confused_Guy 8 1,482
Preview Finally had mediation after 8 month wait fixingthings 1 686
Preview Shared care with an extremely hostile and b…

50/50 is just not working for my 4 and 6 year old girls, as things are getting worse, not better, over time

Mum2G 2 1,238
Preview Child orders being ignored

ex using child wishes to negate child order

spmack50 5 919
Preview Parenting plans ? spock 1 504
ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview Changing Consent Orders Dated 2004

Any suggestions ?????

The Mom 4 689

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