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Getting Started - Shared Parenting

New users should use this forum for getting started with Parenting issues. Moderators will answer these posts or move them to the appropriate forums, where required. Guest posts remain invisible until 'validated' by a Moderator.
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Preview Separation from siblings ds80 4 2,913
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Father seeking answers regarding 'Equal Tim…

Father seeking more time with child (5 days/fortnight to 50%)

wiggleson 9 4,892
Preview Starting mediation process Guest 4 2,810
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview what could happen?

messy divorce, 3yr old child

singlemum81 13 3,802
Preview changeover denham 4 1,672
Preview which school? Hot topic ds80 9 1,743
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview examples of consent orders

Looking for examples of consent orders

brydz 5 2,207
Preview consent orders Hot topic
brydz 25 3,305
Preview at the strart 2 who gets the last say 50/50… adamgraham101 9 3,674
ocf_emoticons/mellow Preview How to move forward when parents disagree o…

Public vs private school

Guest 7 1,603
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Shared parental responsibility NOT shared p…

Controlling our lives. 3 Years ago my ex sent us court orders wanting shared care of my son.I laughed at this as the ex never wanted anything to do with him till he was 4.

oceanluvva 20 4,318
Preview Shared Calendar

Guidance on shared care calendar arrangements

brock 7 1,229
Preview Sole Parental Responsibility....What does t…

query about sole parental responsibility

jamalu 15 12,418
Preview inadequate accommodation?? Hot topic EmMum 15 2,658
Preview Paying half Guest 2 795
Preview at the start adamgraham101 2 1,088
Preview Shared Parenting Query Portia 5 1,141
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Mother very hostile to father, making share… Guest 7 2,226
Preview Son's ex is a game player and has gone too…
SusieQ 33 3,858
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Relocation with new partner patrick78 5 1,698
Preview Child not handling visitation well - what c… Gippy Mum 12 1,821
Preview 50/50 custody

advice please!!

nessc_1985 34 4,040
Preview custodial parent considering relocating for…

where do I stand when there are no orders in place at all?

macsmum 7 821
Preview Parenting Plan made into consent order - is…

what assurances can a parenting plan give me that he has to stick to it

macsmum 8 2,621
Preview How can I encourage my kids to go with thei…

My 10 adn 12 year old don't wish to go with their father

motherconfused 4 1,142
Preview how do I get a commitment to 50/50 split on… Hot topic

My ex gave up all custody of the children for a number of reasons, now he has asked me to go back to mediation to try again. He earns considerably more than me and I'd like a 50/50 split on sharing costs. How do I get this?

macsmum 8 1,071
Preview Relocation and Validity of Old Consent Orde… Maid_Marian 13 2,294
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview How can I cope better when my son is with h…

Just after some advice

Gippy Mum 12 1,693
Preview my 6yo son has been threatened at knifepoin…

has anyone else dealt with a similar situation? please help.

trudesb1 2 644
Preview New Study into Shared Care

Report issued by the Attorney General's Department

jamalu 15 2,816
ocf_emoticons/mellow Preview Relocation Problem

My husband is military and posted to Brisbane, we live in southern NSW

Loujane 3 775
Preview Shared responsibility gran1956 5 1,082
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Confused about contact arrangements

should i let my children contact their father?

mummy23 5 2,305
Preview fathers access to newborn Penelope 2 1,028
Preview Time spent with daughter

avadavit and effect in court

kalimnadancer 35 6,095
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Ok im new and not upto speed not sure if th… stepdad2010 1 770
Preview information on a Newcastle Report writer kalimnadancer 3 1,004
Preview Legal Requirements and Steps Frost 11 2,488
Preview a few questions on shared care. Hot topic brydz 8 1,009
ocf_emoticons/shutup Preview Further To Facebook

Should the other parent be allowed to set up fake facebook accounts?

dirkepitt 5 1,943

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