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Getting Started - Shared Parenting

New users should use this forum for getting started with Parenting issues. Moderators will answer these posts or move them to the appropriate forums, where required. Guest posts remain invisible until 'validated' by a Moderator.
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Preview Urgent Advice needed on shared parenting.

Where to next?

Guest 1 575
Preview Parents Live an hour apart


Guest 2 1,240
Preview Holiday visitation withheld - again brock 2 1,430
Preview Recovery orders Guest 4 1,328
Preview Never seen or held his now 7 month old daug… Hot topic lindylou 12 2,779
Preview Application in a case? Recovery Orders jwatts 1 562
Preview Do family law orders continue when they pre… Racked 2 836
Preview What are the chances ? Staying_Safe 1 619
Preview Refusal to do extra curricular activities

Week on week of but ex refuses to agree on extra curricular activities (eg sport)

Guest 3 1,585
Preview Shared parenting and adoption Poppet_28 5 1,426
Preview Shared parenting with a shift worker? Ecca 7 3,338
Preview Change of Final Orders? 1 758
Preview Who should look after my daughter fiwi 5 2,437
Preview Rosa and Rosa Loujane 15 3,899
Preview shared care 6 month old
Guest 33 6,726
Preview Week on - Week off

How is it right for young children?

Hopefull 18 4,217
Preview Mothers wants to increase the Father care f… cbear 10 2,423
Preview Real Difficulties with Parenting Orders finding_it_hard 4 2,863
Preview Family Violence Staying_Safe 4 1,555
Preview family report janice 4 1,341
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview How fair is this

to work or not to work

Paul72 12 3,979
Preview Contravention of orders


Havenr 23 4,456
Preview Interstate

no knowledge

Havenr 1 633
Preview Other options before court? Hopefull 6 1,297
Preview Mediation - where do I start?

I am about to commence mediation and am very fearful of the whole process

Guest 10 1,894
Preview 6 month old - shared parenting issues char81 6 1,473
Preview Where is the logic here?

If I could understand I might be able to consider it at least...

Hopefull 4 1,001
Preview Change of Assessment Reason 4 ENUFISENUF 3 2,150
Preview Opinions please

I need help convincing myself this is ok

Hopefull 2 1,548
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Ex taking children to Queensland

How can this be stopped?. Urgent help please

Guest 4 2,993
Preview Custody of a 15 almost 16 yr old child retxab1 2 2,624
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Getting back into sons life

Questions about a father wanting to be more involved in his sons life

Kazleberry 4 2,219
Preview Denied access after separation and relocation Guest 1 1,084
Preview Shared Parenting

Looking for some opinions & help please.

HappyEnding 5 1,645
Preview Shared Parenting

What would be the legal viewpoint on this situation?

Lovemygirl 4 1,335
Preview CS and blended family kalimnadancer 5 1,085
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Shared Parenting Query

Transition from Shared Parenting

Molly 5 1,594
Preview How flexible I should be with father of dau… Guest 3 877
Preview how to go about 50/50 care.... very untidy margaret 2 1,822
Preview Shared care and FTB Sippit 8 4,025

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