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Getting Started - Shared Parenting

New users should use this forum for getting started with Parenting issues. Moderators will answer these posts or move them to the appropriate forums, where required. Guest posts remain invisible until 'validated' by a Moderator.
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Preview Living with X and spending time with Y Dad of 2+1 3 73
Preview Child responsibility? Indie13rose 4 141
ocf_emoticons/ninja2 Preview Hearing In 8 Weeks For An Urgent Recovery O…

Seeking advice on a hearing for a recovery order and being undermined.

triple_beam 3 120
Preview Recovery order

Non primary parent files for recovery order

Neanderthal 3 168
Preview Christmas School Holidays & Change of Circu…

Needing some assistance and guidance with how to move forward on knowing the correct dates for my time with my child on school holidays and to adjust my current court order due to a change of living circumstances.

SummerReign 3 275
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Help required on residence

Emergency residential order ?

Capolimar 2 251
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Residency Without Orders

Can the ex move back into family home

dadaluvsya 1 237
Preview Obtaining a Passport Melb88 4 413
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Does the "primary carer" get more custody b…

Just separated - currently living in "in house" separation.

Steve 2 360
ocf_emoticons/sarcy Preview Costs of children table, is this the maximu…

What is the maximum amount I am liable to pay per annum and what is my postion with sale of assets like family home

Carton 6 504
Preview Ex agreed I would look after elder two and… Guest 3 353
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Shared Parenting - day to day issues

Shared parenting sometimes leads to issues that 'normal' families or single parents don't encounter. - School enrolment forms

SPF 6 1,844
Preview Contract of Primary Parental Responsibility

My father wants me to conceive him a biological grandchild or he will disinherit me from his will

George562 6 1,099
Preview Nick

Change in care

Nick 3 730
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview 6 year old vegan + vegan rallies

Boy exposed to extreme animal torture videos

FatMac 4 710
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Shared Parenting - day to day issues shanna 17 1,517
Preview Medical records

How to obtain a copy, or at least information about the child's health

Boots 4 587
Preview Holding of passports/ birth certificates etc Namaste 6 1,018
Preview International Child Relocation Case

Father looking for advice

p_dad2015 2 546
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview shared room

Discussion on a 10 yo sharing a room

Guest 6 829
Preview Can CSA disregard Family Court Orders and a… Jendave7772 6 1,089
Preview Mother blocking kids from living with dad h… Nelly10 8 686
Preview inappropriate behaviour and potential risk… fatherOfTwo 6 684
Preview Child refuses to return to primary carer Loco 13 3,311
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Looks Like Our Journey through Court Is Jus…

Grandparents Seeking Visitation - Daughter Is Just So Mean

nellie63 1 367
Preview legal right to contact children while in th… working mum 9 1,230
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview 13yr old refuses to comply with visitation?

My 13yr old refuses to go to her mothers for the holidays!?!

Worried Dad 4 859
Preview Changeovers

Who attends changeovers

bumblebee 7 962
Preview Child Support Will123 2 586
Preview 13 yr old niece ran away and wont go back,… Worried Dad 3 754
Preview Living arrangements Maple01 1 843
Preview Moving house?

Moving house with my kids

falcon15500 14 3,066
Preview extra curricular activities

Father refuses to allow child to attend any activities, sports she wishes to do, only things he wants her to do.

joy 5 1,616
Preview Help and advice sought for Daughter-in-Law april2102 5 850
Preview Kids have been moved without consent nannaof4 1 1,052
Preview Relocation issues Strife 3 1,203
Preview ex wife trying to take my kids! single daddy 14 2,812
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Shared Parental Responsibility justwantanswer 4 1,860
Preview preparation for mediation - help please

no access to child, for no reason.. been going on 6 yrs

wat2do 2 1,345
Preview What if one parent doesnt follow the parent… Summergren 4 1,495

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