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Getting Started - Child Support

New users should use this forum for getting started with Child Support issues. Moderators will answer these posts or move them to the appropriate forums, where required. Guest posts remain invisible until 'validated' by a Moderator.
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ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Warning - Bug found with the Advanced Child… Pinned Dev_MikeT 3 798
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Section 72A

Child Support issues around garnishee orders and S72A - Entity, personal or company

taylor 19 1,166
Preview Coa help for aat

Help for putting together application for aat

Brutus 3 111
Preview DEBT COLLECTION taylor 1 122
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Child Support UK citizens - Limited Contact…

Advice please on Child Support when payer is living in Australia and child and custodial parent are UK citizens. - Posts split from "International Child Support - Australia to UK?"

Truthseeker 2 326
Preview 60/40 shared care - who pays additional exp… Kanga 8 493
ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview Alienation of Income?

ATO assessment has dropped dramatically in a 12 month period

Mum1966NSW 2 361
Preview Child support with shared custody cover cer…

Does Child support estimate cover certain costs in full or only share of care.

GoodEvening 3 429
Preview Worth delaying tax return? Moleman 8 3,057
Preview Change of assessment reason 3 Twilight 1 291
Preview who pays for education with 60/40 share car…
Iten 30 11,801
Preview How much FTB I will receive Bil313 1 252
Preview CSA Having Nothing But Contempt For The Payer Oldboy 102 14,693
Preview Selling house to recover child support debt.

Letter from Lawyers acting on behalf of the Official Receiver

justice 7 854
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview COA -Special Circumstances - Advice Please

COA Special Circumstances - Self Employed - No curent tax return

Deebee 1 452
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Change of assessment and 18 month rule

Adding two year old receipts to a change of assesement

familyman2008 2 502
Preview Backdating payments is not consitent betwee…

As part of the divorce proceeding, both my Ex and I had to sell a property. When my tax return was done they did a backdate so I owed a lot of money. When Ex tax return was processed there was no backdate. Why?

Twilight 4 910
Preview My Child Support - can they help you deal w…

An organisation of ex-CSA staff that helps fathers in dealing with CSA

flex 10 1,541
Preview Child turning 18 in December and attending… Scooter 5 751
ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview CS assesment at EOFY MARDAD 2 593
Preview Is a reassesment required after EOFY income… Mardad 4 714
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview 2016 Child Support values - Calculator updated

The child support calculator has been updated

Dev_MikeT 2 757
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Stay Orders with CSA

Stay Order and CSA Collection

Integrity 2 515
Preview Private School Fees - can the actual school… Hellohello 3 546
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Child Support Payments and Salary Sacrifice…

A recent change of assessment due to Special Circumstances supported my claim but was not back-dated as requested.

WayneLee14 7 1,984
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Child Support payments when child is receiv…

Child Support issue with Youth Allowance and Child Support payments

Nicestman 3 2,100
Preview CSA Payee not doing tax VicSA 15 2,797
Preview How to appeal to court Novantic 3 826
Preview Vague CSA Policy on Reserve Service lestat 10 2,565
Preview 50 percent care and total costs of child lestat 2 807
Preview AAT wanting information not related to appeal Novantic 4 2,063
Preview provisional income

review of provisional income?

Guest 3 1,151
Preview COA Reason 8 rejected

My COA was rejected on the grounds that my ex-wife is not returning to work but it is not motivated by child support

trakdad 5 905
Preview Changes to CSA formula in June 2015? Rusticchic 15 1,545
Preview Future Private School Fees - What to do.

What's the best way to handle this?

bouncytigger 17 5,177
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview CSA and Personal Injury Compensation

Can CSA take a lump sum ?

Big-Al 3 2,171
Preview Cant get any money out of my ex both me and… Emmz1975 5 814
Preview CSA contacting employer? Is this legal
Xanath 29 8,529
Preview Help...CSA accidentally sent my EX wife ALL…

We are in court and this will be used against us ?

SANDJ 8 1,665
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview ARREARS OF $40,000

Amount owed for over 10 years.

Mother94 13 1,649

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