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Family Violence

Violence in the home and relationships. Involvement of the Police, Courts and Welfare Agencies in families. This forum includes discussions around the issuances of AVO's and DVO's.
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Preview Unnecessary avo is torturing my family Sophia 4 54
Preview URGENT HELP NEEDED FaithNoMore 4 3,746
Preview Desperate Father

Son abused, cant send him home.

BrisPom 2 209
Preview The system fails so many and nothing ever… louise 10 1,190
Preview unsafe to return to dads Kalee 2 242
Preview Children being exposed to violence on a reg…

Ongoing violence when at dad's where the perpetrator is dad's female partner.

hanginginthere 1 217
Preview Preparing for court, being charged with ass… orefan 5 635
Preview ADVO

police made an ADVO on my behalf

BiGTee 5 426
Preview can i get compensation for wrongful VRO Rod_L 6 809
Preview Financial Abuse Integrity 9 653
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Financial abuse is abuse Poll

He thinks it's your job to look after the house and his to look after the finances.He tells you you're hopeless with money and soon you believe him. Cosima Marriner talks with three women who were trapped by financially abusive partners.

DrJohn 4 627
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Domestic and Family Violence Amendment Bill…

Amendments to the "Domestic and Family Violence Protection and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2016". Queensland

Basic Instincts 2 445
Preview (NSW) Murder she wrote

Danielle Stewart, was susceptible to violent outbursts. Her rages took on a more sinister hue. Even when she wasn't highly aroused her thoughts were morbid.

matrix 2 5,059
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Blanket domestic violence blame is an insul…

I'm SICK of all men being blamed for domestic violence against women. A small minority of men commit that hideous act, yet the entire male gender is told to shoulder the responsibility. It's time the vast majority of decent men stood up for themselves.

Secretary SPCA 2 615
Preview Senate Inquiry into Domestic Violence and G… John Flanagan 2 375
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Minister for Women Michaelia Cash quotes ba…

The research material given to the PM was appallingly designed, using leading questions to get the result the researchers wanted

DrJohn 3 555
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview help needed for a dvo and child custody case

advise please

Pmg 2 570
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview The brutal truth about domestic violence Closed

The domestic violence bandwagon has been taken up with such gusto by the professionally virtuous that it is becoming meaningless. The chattering classes have latched on to it as their feminist cause célèbre, with the dangers of knee-jerk reactions

DrJohn 1 565
ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Masa Vukotic murder: Travelling alone isn't…

Despite the fact that the fault for this alleged murder remains with the perpetrator alone, the tendency for public discussion to muse in the behaviour of victims has reared its ugly head.

DrJohn 1 589
Preview Men forgotten in violence debate

Men forgotten in violence debate: too little acknowledgment of the importance of male disempowerment in debates surrounding domestic violence

Dads On The Air 1 561
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview having revokation hearing in FCC ? fotsyfots 4 683
Preview Lodging a Form 4 - Notification of Child Abuse

What is needed to lodge a Form 4

Boots 3 1,266
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview File divorce in USA or in India

I married in India but lived in USA, now confused where to file the divorce case.

georgeleon231 4 1,099
Preview (WA) Facebook defamation: man awarded $12.5…

Facebook defamation: man wins lawsuit over estranged wife's domestic violence post

dad4life 1 1,169
Preview What should I do when I got an AVO against me? helpneeded 16 3,104
Preview Rated M Movies for 6 year old child phoenix21 16 6,171
Preview Threat to withold children on visitation Gecko 8 3,027
Preview Is this Family Violence? iclimbhard 8 3,679
Preview Child being abused after court makes a judg…

victimisation of child in domestic violence case

AAingneeded 4 1,704
Preview Anyone have cases where false abuse allegat… 4 1,218
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Have a story about false allegations of chi…

We would appreciate if anyone can give a brief summary of their situation, or the situation of someone else (no names in that case). We need to really expose how big this problem is. 1 550
Preview Mothers making false child abuse claims: judge wharty 17 2,019
Preview What do you think about people like this wh… 17 1,919
Preview Is Julia Gillard linked to interest groups… 3 1,048
Preview drug test & contesting interim intervention… fotsyfots 8 1,472
Preview Offer of settlement kalimnadancer 3 1,122
Preview is an intervention order set in concrete zeberdy 3 950
Preview DV by mother towards children bigdaddy 5 1,326
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview previous D.V.O's and the effects it may hav…

unsure of how these files being submitted/included in negotiating and updating a parenting order

jpb 1 2,949
Preview New Laws Gecko 3 2,152

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