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ocf_emoticons/sad Preview (India) Bollywood Actor Preity Zinta's Cous…

Preity Zinta's cousin Nitin Chauhan committed suicide in Himachal Pradesh capital Shimla owing to a matrimonial dispute, police said on Saturday

DrJohn 1 204
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview (India) Family Court premises no place for…

Article in relation to a petition seeking psychiatric evaluation of children in Family Court proceedings (India) given the view that guarded (limited contact) with the non-custodial parent is detrimental to child mental health and that this is exacerbated

SammiSez 1 337
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview (India) Harassed husbands plan struggle aga…

A group of men observed Independence Day in the hills of Shimla by planning their struggle for equal rights for men and women and to make marital laws gender neutral.

Secretary SPCA 2 12,208
Preview Swiss pioneer shelter for newly separated h…

Protestant pastor Andreas Cabalzar has founded Switzerland's first shelter for newly separated fathers in the Swiss village of Erlenbach, not far from Geneva.

matrix 1 8,194
ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview (Japan) DPJ rule raises Hague treaty-signin…

Left-behind parent' urges Japan to side with child-abduction pact and Kurt Campbell, U.S. assistant secretary of state for East Asian and Pacific affairs, speaks at a news conference at the U.S. Embassy in Tokyo in February

Secretary SPCA 1 4,087
Preview (Korea) Layoff of Husband Key Reason to Div…

"I always denied that his status [aka MONEY] was a factor that convinced me to marry," said Yoon.

matrix 1 4,118
Preview (Ireland) Fathers once more the whipping bo…

There can be no moral obligation on single fathers until they are extended rights that honour and underpin their relationships with their children. ... A society that makes it almost impossible for men to stay in the lives of their children has no right t

matrix 1 5,426
Preview My Daddy Matters Because ...

The Fathering Toolkit

Artemis 1 5,327

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