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A Hot Issues Library and Alerts to Children's Rights Violations discussion forum
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ocf_emoticons/shake Preview Post-separation Telephone Contact

Father is to telephone the child every Tuesday and Thursday evening, yet he never phones her? I put her on the phone 2-3 times a fortnight. It must hurt her that dad never rings. Can anything be done even though he is breaching the orders?

Valonas 22 11,140
Preview Ask the Children monaro 5 1,092
Preview Disabled dad loses fight for son

WA's maverick Judge discriminates against disabled father and denies child a right to know his dad and enjoy a father-son relationship

Director 15 2,341
ocf_emoticons/hand Preview Relocation - Its a nasty business

Federal Attorney General Philip Ruddock said the intent of the reforms was to ensure both parents are allowed equal access to and responsibility for raising their children after separation.

Secretary SPCA 8 1,244
ocf_emoticons/constipated Preview Death of childhood feared in race of life

Intereresting article from the Telegraph, London

Secretary SPCA 3 495
Preview Article - "Dads that nurture cope better" -… livy 7 1,134

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