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Children's Rights

Children's Rights, Parental Rights, The "Best Interest of the Child principal, Natural Justice, and fundamental human rights of children, parents and families. Personal experience in getting contact with children

Family Law in Australia

The forums in this category are devoted to discussing family law matters and the situation relating to family law legislation in various courts and relationship centres around Australia. Some groups may have specific organisational security and membership may not be open in all forums within this category. Some forums will be by invitation and some by subscription only where authentication is required and additional member securities and privileges are in place

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No new posts Children's Rights and the Best Interest Principle

Use of the Best Interests Principle and its various legal definitions to deny children their inalienable rights and an equal relationship with both parents

7 110
No new posts Children's Rights Hot Issues

A Hot Issues Library and Alerts to Children's Rights Violations discussion forum

7 61
No new posts CRC (Children's Rights Council) International Chapter News

CRC Global International Affiliates discussions and news postings

1 1
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Preview Child's rights for shared care until consen… roeshow 9 7,438
Preview Not allowing for a Meaninigful Relationship?

Mother denies video call

Desperatefather 7 1,481
Preview how do i apply for change of days plus extr… Pinhead 1 406
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Children in Hiding - Italian case

The case of Tommaso Vincenti and his ex-wife, Laura Garrett is center stage.

Gecko 64 34,181
Preview Child Advocate?

Do We Have Them?

MuffinsMum 7 5,172
ocf_emoticons/sick Preview Trouble with an AVO malmsteen 13 14,047
Preview Court picks name for child in parental disa…

Court required to rule on child's first name.

Burbs 2 3,061
Preview School Excursion

Neurotic Ex

GoodDad 15 7,696
ocf_emoticons/cyborg Preview Possible paternity fraud

Father doubts son is his.

dirkepitt 22 16,519
Preview Child not wanting to visit Namaste 4 4,307
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview When will Andrew be returned to care of his…

Further submissions to appropriate authorities in the abduction of Andrew

Secretary SPCA 2 3,358
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Contraception for a 14 year old

I have shared 50/50 parenting court orders with my ex over our 14 yr old daughter. What should I do in relation to contraception advice?

Valian 11 7,906
Preview When do school holidays begin and end?

Having only access on two thirds of all school holidays, when do the holidays begin and end?

ajae 8 6,719
Preview Lawstuff - Children's Law Site CrazyWorld 3 4,213
ocf_emoticons/ph34r Preview Help Sought: Communication, Parenting Agree…
chickybabe1824 26 19,539
ocf_emoticons/shake Preview Once more mum has problems

Over the last few weeks my ex has had a mental illness problem, school teachers telling me to call DOCS over bites marks on my youngest , bruising, how thay are dressed and so on. I believe to be drug related, she is in mental care unit

malmsteen 2 3,971
Preview "Best interests of children" Verse "Best in…

The Law Report on Radio National discusses the capacity of DoCS to overide the "best interests of children"

verdad 1 3,916
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Schooling D4E 6 5,082
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Where do we go from here?

The journey with Little Miss continues.

Wendy 14 8,682
Preview Help please! - contact centre? Hot topic

Drop off and Pick up problem

TillyH 15 8,829
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Over a year of lost time with my child

I have been done over by the authorities and the family court

malmsteen 26 25,804
Preview Schools as battle grounds - children as cas… BriarRose 5 5,531
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Warren Farrell's Case for Shared Parenting Closed

Perhaps the best and most powerful presentation on shared parenting Dad4life has ever seen was made by Warren Farrell, author of Father & Child Reunion.

Secretary SPCA 6 8,005
Preview Media Strategy

media strategy discussion

vascopajama 5 7,153
Preview Rail-roaded malmsteen 9 6,701
ocf_emoticons/shutup Preview A child is purely the SOLE property of the…

The underlying legal principle is clear and simple: Women have rights; men have responsibilities! What on earth can those judges in England have been thinking?

Secretary SPCA 5 5,998
Preview "No-fault" Divorce and Risks to Children dad4life 3 5,333
Preview Taking time out best week end with kids malmsteen 4 6,037
Preview Safer with Mum? RobDuff 1 4,722
Preview Requirements for weekend access? gmoney 3 5,813
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Wills and break ups

Mother stops access until she gets proceeds of a will she was not entitled to

malmsteen 6 6,274
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview National Children's & Youth Law Centre

Free advice online for kids re family law issues

Cheryl 2 5,831
Preview Topic #4399 (no title) System 0 2,440 N/A
Preview Topic #8226 (no title) System 0 136 N/A
Preview Topic #8653 (no title)

My name is Ashley. I am pregnant last eight month..!!

System 0 172 N/A
ocf_emoticons/grin Preview Topic #8660 (no title)

One of the best quotes that summarizes how great dads should live is by famous American writer, Clarence Budington Kelland who once said this about his father

System 0 186 N/A
ocf_emoticons/grin Preview Topic #8661 (no title)

One of the best quotes that summarizes how great dads should live is by famous American writer, Clarence Budington Kelland who once said this about his father

System 0 185 N/A

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