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Child Support issues

Anything to do with Child suppoort that is not specific to other forums
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Preview Privacy

CSA's obligations to protect personal data and confidential information

PaulG 4 482
ocf_emoticons/angry Preview Ex backdating care

Ex for change to from 4 monthsago

Loco 3 459
Preview Workers Compensation and CSA jlc715 3 674
Preview 16 year old getting Youth Allowance and I a… Loco 4 1,114
Preview Change of Assessment - CSA not determing ea…

Being screwed - big time

hassall 2 730
Preview Change of Assessment Reason 8

Finacial assets

GoodDad2 2 857
Preview Change of Circumstances Form Reason 2 and R…

Change of Circumstances Form Reason 2 and Reason 3 assistance

Loco 3 538
Preview Application to Change Assessment

Help with Child Support Form Please

Fluffs 2 599
Preview Child support after 18 - ex gives wrong dat… Loco 6 715
Preview Ridiculous Situation

Neither Party Putting In Tax Return

GoodDad2 6 929
Preview Another change of assement Mort67 3 713

long Service Leave and CSA

Nicestman 3 1,218
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Mother being deceitful about child attendin…

We believed that 18 would be the end of child support. In Oct 2015 the mother completed a form and sent it into DHS stating that the child would be returning to school in 2016.

Canar 3 906
Preview Child Support Agreement pre-2006

Not being followed

Strawberry1 6 904
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview CSA rules around income estimates Loco 6 1,268
Preview Limited Child Support Agreement Maple01 9 1,070
Preview School Fees and Social Security Appeals Tri… Maxx2010 2 620
Preview Child adopted by ex's husband - still havin… Loco 2 632
Preview Making the world a better place- Child Supp… Hot topic
Steve456 21 2,385
Preview CSA enquiry questions Loco 2 678
Preview Redundancy, Long Service leave and the ATI Willfred 4 1,705
Preview Enforcement Hearing by C$A - Any insight we… TryHardDad 2 574
Preview Departure Order Advice & Child Support Debt TryHardDad 4 1,336
Preview Ex deliberately not seeking employment Loco 3 871
Preview Change of Assessment - Reason 2 - Orthodontics

Don't want to share personal information with my ex, will this impact on the assessment?

Malady 11 4,257
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Child Support "Double Dipping" of Superannu…

Child Support "Double Dipping" of Superannuation after Court ordered Property Division and Preservation of Superannuation to be accessed by the Payer during retirement

Secretary SPCA 2 2,822
Preview Fixed annual rate not apply, then it does,… jbj4701 6 1,706
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Redundancy Payout - Change of Assessment

Departure from administrative assessment of child support (departure determinations)

lgm0305 9 9,279
Preview X gets huge rent from a rental property, bu…
Fluffs 29 10,882
Preview Reason 8

Query on Reason 8

elvis 9 3,096
Preview Emerging Issue 136 Child Support Overpayments

Child Support Overpayments. The Shared Parenting Council continues to raise emerging issues with Child Support through the CSNSEG. We are going to start publishing to get some responses from members.

Secretary SPCA 12 4,711
Preview Please help guru"s Poll

CSA not taking into consideration capacity to earn as mother is allowed to stay at home

hawk 4 2,065
Preview How much inform for COA Lucy5 5 2,681
Preview Question re child support for the gurus Boots 3 1,417
Preview Moving to a Non-Reciprocating country halo_dad 4 3,221
Preview Limited Child Support Agreement Maple01 2 1,968
Preview Can you put in place a private child suppor… necroyp 12 4,651
Preview Exploring the CSA mentality

Questions for Jolly

Sleepy 8 2,932
Preview Taxable Income

Taxable Income and losses

Patronus 25 6,377
Preview Calculations of ATI by Family Assistance an…

I was under the impression these two agencies used exactly same formula to work out the ATI - but this is not the case.

Fairgo 3 1,897

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