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Child Support Cases of Interest

A range of matters around various child Support cases
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Preview International Child Support - Australia to UK?

CSA Australia policy and Procedures we should anticipate

GIMH544 9 9,552

Redundancy and Long Service leave

hogez 3 351
ocf_emoticons/cool Preview Change of assessment. Receiving Parent asse…

Change of assessment. Receiving Parent asset rich but declares income poor - Capacity to earn - left assets to receiving parent for sole purpose of children

Goodfather 3 916
Preview Child to repeat Year 12

Advice on repeating high school and CS payments.

Loco 4 729
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Fresh Start

Advice needed information about selling home - treatment of Income - Investment or otherwise deemed income

Fresh Start 2 415
Preview CSA - withholding children to increase csa

Thinking of submitting test objection

SANDJ 3 1,150
Preview Static personal income & Family Trusts - COA Willfred 2 2,460
Preview Ex refuses to accept child support

Refusal to accept child support

Desperatefather 4 3,029
Preview Estimate Reconciliation taylor 10 7,185
Preview Very important case! Alessandro 2 1,226
Preview Financial Resources - SSAT decision set aside MikeT 93 63,816
Preview CSA hit for court costs valere 1 1,374
Preview CSA/SSAT Challenge Alessandro 4 2,071
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview CSA Cases of interest

A range of cases that have been categorised

Secretary SPCA 6 2,754
Preview Advice Please Julco 5 1,581
Preview Complaint to CSA Julco 6 1,650
ocf_emoticons/rockon Preview CoA Reason 8 Advice Please Theodor 6 12,364
Preview "Daughter" moves in with me and I end up wo…

Seeking advice on CSA appeal options.

Bustlin 2 1,373
Preview A win for the little guy?

Decision made against CSA (for the most part)

Boots 4 3,996
Preview Estimates & Objections Willfred 2 1,896
ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview how much child support do i pay


andyandjess 3 3,026
Preview COA REASON 8 against payee capacity to earn

Opinions/Experiences on COA against payee's taxable income

frizzlechic 1 3,036
Preview Mother ordered to pay back sterile 'dad' haknbakr 1 2,775
ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview Capacity to earn - Cash Poor/Asset Rich Ass… Roscoe_au 2 4,321
Preview Has CSA breached the Privacy Act?

The CSA, The Privacy Act, The Criminal Code, what arena should I be in?

Janus 1 4,113
Preview Is full disclosure of income necessary? CO… Fluffs 18 16,016
Preview CentreLink Payment and Income

are Disability Support Pensions paid on a child covered in BM's financial resources

Yoda 4 4,945
Preview CSA - The costs of the child Fluffs 2 4,328
Preview Mr X v Ms X - Special Circumstances Not Dem… seriously 2 4,228
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview Objecting to Decision on Change of Assessment

Seeking any ideas on how best to overturn the objection? My spouse is a full time student and looks after our young children while I work full time but CSA say he should be working full time too and want him to pay child support accordingly

Peace Meal 5 5,562
Preview Five assessments in one day ? necroyp 12 8,876
Preview COA - Reason 8 and Mortgage V Rental
CrazyWorld 25 20,255
Preview Consideration of evidence by CSA greebo 2 5,576
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview How can you appeal SSAT

've been told that the decision can only be appealed if there is found to be an error of law. Can the decision be appealed as an error of law if SSAT tribunal members make outrageous claims and lie. On what basis?

Pointer 12 9,685
Preview Hours of Care/Nights of Care - Interesting… Liberi Primoris 2 5,521
Preview Jinkers! 10 - 14 days or 10 - 14 weeks?

Surely they are as keen to be rid of me as I am to be rid of them!

Silas Stingy 1 4,621
Preview Airfares necroyp 2 5,074
Preview How long until they close my case? Silas Stingy 6 5,525
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Why don't CSA seem to like non agency payme…

csa has tried to talk me out of accepting these payments

babygirl 3 4,626
Preview A Call for Change of Assessment Examples
MikeT 47 32,395

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