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Child Support Agency

The Child Support Agency (CSA) is legislated to regulate child maintenance payments from payer parents to payee parents
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Preview CSA - The incantations Pinned

Unscrupulos methods employed to raise a liable parent's income when redundancy payements are received (or other payments).

Dev_MikeT 7 2,740
Preview COA urgent help needed please DIv17 1 288
Preview CSA Using notations in consent orders Twilight 1 550
Preview International Child Support - UK/Australia

CSA mismanagement of international income and DPO initiation

GIMH544 3 646
Preview Can I ask ex to pay 50% of school fees?

I have paid 100% of school fees for 8 years. It is no longer affordable for me to keep paying. Can I ask for 50% from her father?

pulsar88 5 2,602
Preview Can 18 year still receiving CSA be given th… Loco 2 633
Preview Giving assets to child outside of CSA payments

How does the CSA view disbursing assets to child with Trust (in addition to child support payments)

russellstreet 3 493
Preview reconcilation of income estimate for payee… familyman2008 2 787
Preview CSA - collect from Singapore

Why aren't the CSA collecting a debt from payer in Singapore?

clarity 3 922
Preview downloading pdf attachment from CSA message working mum 10 12,491
Preview Child Support (Assessment) Act : Departures…

Change of Assessment Reason 8A justification

Ian1969 3 921
Preview Child Support (Assessment) Act : Departures…

Change of Assessment Reason 8A justification

Ian1969 1 757
Preview Change of Assessment Process Appeals Changes

Will the change from SSAT to AAT make a difference?

Fairgo 5 963
Preview Primary production Sleepy 2 561
Preview CSA spends Over $565 000 in Legal Costs to… TryHardDad 2 967
Preview CSA - how do they get away with it?

Ex claims arrears and cannot defend the claim...

SANDJ 10 6,329
Preview Income-Poor Asset-Rich

Child Support Change of Assessment

someusername354 2 1,301
Preview Bonus Earnings not included in Payee's Earn…

BM not revealing true income....

Kikki 2 1,950
Preview Child Support Inquiry Community Statement S… kathg 4 1,988
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview 2014 Parliamentary inquiry into child support

The Minister for Social Services, the Hon Kevin Andrews MP, asked a Parliamentary Committee to inquire into and report on the Child Support Program.

wednesday 6 6,439
Preview running a small business working mum 2 2,023
Preview reason 8 COA application advice working mum 4 3,359
Preview Earning Capacity of Ex - Reason 8

Trying to figure out if I should lodge a change of assessment

GivMeABreak 8 3,596
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview CS inquiry interest

There seems to be little interest in the current Child Support inquiry ... Perhaps the budget is taking pride of place.

Secretary SPCA 15 5,066
Preview Frustration with CSA!

Overseas Income and COA... Can they EVER get it right??

Kikki 12 4,195
Preview Estimates - how to get it right or "why is… whatbus 3 1,769
Preview Letter to The DHS Minister Re:CSA

After many years of harrasment I'm taking my complaints to higher powers. I have a question for those of you who reach the end!

GSharpe 5 5,830
ocf_emoticons/wink Preview Income via Returns has changed signicantly

Quick Question.... Confused... Income

not_who_iam 5 1,603
Preview CSA and moving jobs

Moving from a Salaried job to Starting my own business

halo_dad 11 3,273
Preview Anyone know about this company halo_dad 6 2,563
Preview Fraudulent Claims

2 & 1/2 years to get a response from the CSA. Thats just not good enough

taylor 3 1,469
Preview Back pay child support long after child tur… Leosign1 6 1,968
Preview Adjusted Taxable Income

How does C$A treat additional income?

whatbus 10 3,872
Preview CSA tampering with evidence

How many laws have the CSA broken here?

bananabenda 1 1,460
Preview CSA Confusion

10 letters in two days

GoodDad 9 4,728
Preview Section 107

application for Section 107

halo_dad 2 1,608
Preview CSA and non existence of a parenting agreem… halo_dad 2 1,235
Preview Multi-Case Confusion... Or maybe I'm just c…

Why are the assessment periods different? And what the hell are CSA doing?

Kikki 5 1,568
Preview Waiting for a Child Support Objection Decision CCC 6 2,542
Preview Advice on estimates. newguy 3 1,005

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