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Child Support Legislative Changes from 2006

Discussion related to Child Support matters arising from the new legislation
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ocf_emoticons/depressed Preview Comparison of Child Support Schemes in sele…

The Secretariat to the Ministerial Taskforce on Child Support has published a comparison of Child Support Schemes in selected countries. This extensive document covers an overview of how child support schemes operate in the UK, Canada, and NZ because they

Secretary SPCA 2 2,709
Preview CSA charges for amounts not earned

How can CSA take money when clearly you haven't earned it?

Lesley 11 10,884
Preview Pre Section 58

Tax Income Change of Care

EMW1965 2 4,431
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Adjustable Income

A parents share of the parents combined child support income indicates the share of the costs of the child they are responsible to meet. The following are forms of tax free income accepted as forms of income for 'adjustable income' purposes.

Theodor 3 6,043
Preview 2011 Budget - Child Support compliance meas…

This measure changes the use of default incomes in child support assessments. A new and more accurate default income arrangement will be introduced in cases where a child support customer has not lodged a tax return. The new default income uses a parent's

MikeT 1 1,680
Preview WA Cases now to be treated the same way as… MikeT 1 2,050
ocf_emoticons/nerd Preview CSA Self Support Amount Poll

Why is it not linked to taxable income?

damo73 7 2,397
Preview 2011 Child Support Core Amounts MikeT 1 1,830
Preview Alert on Incorrect CSA treatment of Transit… Mikec 9 3,059
Preview What is acceptable income deviation and CSA…

Assessments, income deviation

Roams 4 3,680
Preview Maintenance Payments - New Relationship

Child Maintenance question

Shazcam9 3 1,353
Preview 'Child support' overhaul leaves single mums…

About 61 per cent of "paying parents" (aka Fathers) are now paying more child support.

matrix 4 3,558
ocf_emoticons/sick Preview CSA and SSAT ruling on day time care of Chi…

What is the current ruling for care of children during the day?

Lightone 6 1,564
Preview Topic #4808 (no title)

Government working on a "whole series" of long term changes

Secretary SPCA 4 2,276
Preview asset rich income poor

csa objection decision

Astrogirl 6 2,265
Preview 2010 Child support amounts MikeT 2 3,026
Preview Do the new CSA Guidelines encourage tax eva… Monash 5 2,061
Preview A bug in the CS formula? MikeT 4 2,211
Preview Changes to Tax legislation to report Salary…
MikeT 42 15,898
Preview The CSA want's your story MikeT 7 2,268
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Care levels amended

Has anyone been in a situation where a parents care level has dropped below 35%. Change of care bands

acacia 2 1,789
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Advanced Child Support Calculator up and ru…

The Advanced Child Support Calculator is now up and running again.

MikeT 1 1,029
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview Can child support touch your superanuation…

I was recentley sacked from work now my ex is going the capacity to earn. Her new partner actually works for child support Agency.

harley622bq 14 2,930
ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Non-blended family vs blended family

A "non-blended family" can not get the neighbour or someone to pay extra into their income supplement, so why should a "blended family" under CSA legsilation?

Secretary SPCA 2 1,580
Preview Spring Act 2008 MikeT 10 2,774
Preview Re-Designed Assesment Notification Letter MikeT 2 1,165
Preview Inquiry into Proposed Amendments to the Chi… MikeT 4 1,713
Preview Your Child Support Assessment explained MikeT 1 720
Preview New Child Support Care Estimator MikeT 1 550
ocf_emoticons/nerd Preview Daytime care policy

A daytime care policy is being formulated

Secretary SPCA 3 831
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview How to prove advance payment? LilsMum 10 1,523
Preview Gender Mix at CSA greebo 16 2,297
Preview Non parent carer Yoda 7 1,093
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Change in care arrangements

Where a payer has a band of care and expects to go into another band of care there are particular rules to be applied before a new care band is applied

Secretary SPCA 12 1,886
Preview Topic #2212 (no title) MikeT 2 839
ocf_emoticons/whistle Preview Topic #2089 (no title)

Was under the impression that they would calculate care on hours too after June!

Bigred 19 2,788
ocf_emoticons/devil Preview Child support reform: Mums fuming Closed

The biggest overhaul of the nation's child support system in 20 years is just months away - and women's groups are fuming.

dad4life 23 4,200
Preview Change of Assessment (COA) information needed

In preparation for the COA agenda item at the FACSIA meeting on Monday in Parliament House, could you consider the following questions in preparation for some small group work that we will undertake at the meeting to define the issues associated with the

Secretary SPCA 16 2,046
Preview CSA allows "Out of time" Objections BriarRose 6 1,110
Preview Child Support: Parents split as they do the…

The changes are an improvement. The old system became a motivator for people to seek or oppose children spending more or less time with the other spouse.

matrix 35 4,820

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