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Preview (Canada) Child-custody assessors at risk: d…

Assessors view complaints by people they have separated from their children as "frivolous and vexatious"!

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ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Cross Canada Run For The Children

In an attempt to create awareness about Children's Rights and Equal Shared Parenting Family Law Reform, this June 1st, 2010, Dave Nash of Guelph, Ontario, will begin his epic run across Canada in Victoria, BC, in his quest to break the Guinness World Reco

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Preview (Canada) Boys murdered by Australian mother… Closed

Father finds children dead in bathtub after mother kills them because of a custody dispute.

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ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Its not always about Law

Canadians show their feelings toward their returning soldiers..

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Preview Public scrutiny in family courts

Court gagging of reporting (Section 121 FLA 1975) does not necessarily benefit or protect children.

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Preview (Canada) Children 'biggest losers' in Famil…

"When we get into parental alienation, really what is happening is that the child becomes a weapon," says Justice Harvey Brownstone, a family court judge in Toronto.

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Preview (Canada) Mother hit hard in custody case

A Toronto judge has taken the drastic step of finding a mother in contempt of court for flagrantly violating court orders during her relentless campaign to alienate her children from their father.

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Preview (Canada) Children harmed by sole custody, r…

Family court judges are misguidedly harming children by granting sole custody to one parent usually the mother in bitter divorce battles, says a comprehensive new report.

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Preview (Canada) Parental alienation syndrome leave…

Judges are now starting to tackle PAS head-on, with an increasing willingness to switch custody to the alienated parent and order the children into treatment.

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Preview (Canada) Gender bias evident in parental al…

Mothers are more likely to be the parent behind children's estrangement, yet fathers more often ordered into counselling, study finds.

dad4life 5 4,627
Preview (Canada) Vellacott celebrates National Chil…

Private Member's BILL proposed that would amend the Divorce Act to direct judges to demonstrate a presumption of equal, shared parenting in cases of marital breakdown where children are involved.

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Preview (Canada) eBook: "Courts From Hell: Family I…

The intent of the book is to help expose and educate the public to the unfair treatment of families after divorce by a system driven by the greed of a self-serving divorce industry at the expense of Canada's children.

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Preview (Canada) Child Support: An unconstitutional…

The laws mandating how much separated parents must pay to support their children are intrusive and much more arduous that what is required for parents in intact relationships.

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Preview (Canada) Exposing deadbeat judges

Justice and judgments are two separate animals.

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Preview (Canada) Judge not, lest ye be judged

In family courts across the land, judges hold effectively the same powers over separated parents as feudal lords held over their serfs, and it pleases them to exercise this power without much restraint.

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Preview (Canada) Hansard: Equal Shared Parenting

Our children deserve to have both parents in their lives.

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