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Behaviour Management

Good behavioural management is about a holistic approach that gives more attention to building loving relationships, respect and clear guidance rather then punishment or consequences. The old way of parenting children is changing. It is changing to give more respect to children and recognise they have needs connected to their development stage.
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Preview Eight Ways to Spot Emotional Manipulation

Emotional manipulation is also known as covert aggression and has similarities to passive aggressive control behaviours.

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Preview Narcissism

Narcissists are known for their lack of empathy, sense of entitlement and self-centredness.

dad4life 16 9,048
ocf_emoticons/cry Preview More proof that Family Laws needed to be am…

The slightest things set him off. ''I wasn't allowed to disagree, I wasn't allowed to have an opinion that differed from him because to him it meant that I wasn't supporting him,'' she says.

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ocf_emoticons/nerd Preview Responding to Difficult Behaviour

A behaviour management approach has two main approaches and both need to be used. A proactive approach is when we set foundations and practices that encourage and reinforce the child's desired behaviours; the second is a reactive response to a problem beh

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Preview How do we Manage this Behavior? monaro 1 2,399
Preview Divorce - Six Steps to Being a Survivor

Six steps to help you survive your divorce with knowledge and dignity - creating a strong foundation for your new life.

dad4life 1 1,574
Preview Wedded abyss: how to escape

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse that predict an ailing marriage are criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling and contempt. And the worst of these is contempt.

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ocf_emoticons/puppyeyes Preview Forgiveness

A topic and meaning I struggle to understand; and I am willing to learn more.

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ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Positive Thinking

It is difficult to be positive during emotional times but it is important for your wellbeing.

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Preview I've started my counselling diploma ! gooner 1 824
ocf_emoticons/nerd Preview The Brain Development of Your Child

The experiences a child has when they are under five are extremely important to their whole development.

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ocf_emoticons/kiss Preview Loving Your Child

Children need to build self esteem through love.

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ocf_emoticons/rolleyes Preview Behaviour Management Foundations

This topic discusses the foundations necessary for the establishment of constructive and positive behaviour management strategies. It is about a holistic approach starting with foundations that build strong respectful and supportive parenting relationship

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ocf_emoticons/kiss Preview Setting Limits and Instructing

Child need to know the boundaries set in each environment they live; these need to be given through clear communication.

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ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Children's Birthdays

My eldest daughter turned 5 last month. I sent her a bracelet with her name on it as a present. My eldest son turned 13 today and I sent him a new computer game. I rang the only contact number I have (as I do each Tuesday and Friday) on their birthday's a

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ocf_emoticons/drool Preview Triple P - Positive Parenting Program

Powerful parenting

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ocf_emoticons/cool Preview Working with families concerned with school…

Bullying and harassment are pervasive problems in schools and continue to be a matter of great concern among parents, teachers and others working with children and young people. Published by the Australian Institute of Family Studies ISSN 1834-2434 (Onlin

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ocf_emoticons/confused Preview Sonia never knew her father. She believes t… Hot topic

A compelling read - a salutary lesson?

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Preview Fixing what is not broken

How do you effectively resolve a problem that does occour in your enviroment

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ocf_emoticons/thumbs Preview Discipline The Change from Punishment to…

Parents are starting to think how to teach their children responsibilty through consquences rather then punishment

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