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The Privacy Act and s121 Family Court

s121 covers restriction on publication of court proceedings. A person who publishes in a newspaper or periodical publication, by radio broadcast or television or by other electronic means, or otherwise disseminates to the public or to a section of the public by any means, any account of any proceedings, or of any part of any proceedings, under this Act that identifies the parties is likley to be in trouble. There were many suggestions made in 2004 through 2006 in the various enquiries to improve those area of the law relating to "publication" to enable publishing of additional decisions and to gauge a better overall view on how cases were going in respect to getting shared Parenting outcomes.
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Preview Submission of "Outline of case" as evidence…

Ex submitted my outline of case during court proceedings to CSA as evidence of his percentage of care.

EFB 6 92
Preview 121 breech

help to clarify and direct action to take

tigeasr24 1 162
Preview Breach of Privacy s121 Family Law Act

I have been trying to ascertain if annexing a copy of Family Court orders to a contract for sale which discloses my name and the file court file number is a breach of my privacy.

janke 7 2,268
Preview Can he disclose details from her ex's affid… dgat 1 6,709
Preview Adimistrive Appeals Tribunal

It can be published

imadad 7 4,023
Preview Review of Federal Privacy Laws

Public asked for submissions

nicholson 20 2,761
ocf_emoticons/drool Preview The SPCA suggested the following changes

Discuss the changes recommended by the SPCA in relation to restriction son publications. In esscence the NZ Model was considered to be the better model.

Secretary SPCA 1 519

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