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Policy Development FCA and FCC

Policies - Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia
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ocf_emoticons/sad Preview Judges fail to report families in court to…

The Family Court has not referred any allegations of perjury to the Australian Federal Police for the past three years.

Secretary SPCA 2 181
ocf_emoticons/cool Preview Family Law Amendment (Family Violence and C…

A Bill for an Act to amend the Family Law Act 1975, and for related purposes - CROSS EXAMINATION of PARTIES

Secretary SPCA 1 287
Preview Family Law Amendment (Financial Agreements… srldad101 5 531
Preview "Family Law - Time for Change"

Comments on the SPCA Discussion Paper "Family Law - Time for Change".

John Flanagan 1 265
ocf_emoticons/cool Preview Family Law Courts filing for the period 200…

One of the goals of the 2006 amendments to the Family Law Act 1975 (FLA) was to help decrease the amount of litigation in the Family Law Courts and instead encourage parties to use non-court based mechanisms to resolve their disputes.

Secretary SPCA 1 410
Preview Instruments the Negotiable Act Section 138…

Instruments the Negotiable Act Section 138 1881 Implement of Cheque Dishonor insufficient fund

sadab 2 1,664
ocf_emoticons/blush Preview Professor Thea Brown corrects errors in report

Professor Thea Brown Corrections to a publication and media release from Monash University

Secretary SPCA 2 4,232
Preview A-G Submission Due By 14 January 2011. Guest 4 7,075
Preview Eureka - a response to family lawyers raki… srldad101 2 2,848
Preview verdad questions re Petitions justin 3 3,273
Preview Petition

McKenzie right to have audience with unrepresented friend

justin 10 5,124
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Proposed Family Court of Australia amendments

The petition is part of a Family Court - Saftey First campaign which will culminate in a national Petition and Mayday! Rally on Sunday, May 3. The date is International Press Freedom Day and will mark the anniversary of the deaths of two children killed i

Secretary SPCA 5 5,070
Preview Submission to Senate Inquiry into Judiciary John Flanagan 1 2,242
ocf_emoticons/hand Preview Unfair URGENT hearings in the Fed Mags Court Poll

Have you been hauled into the Federal Magistrates Court for an URGENT HEARING in relation to family law? Did the other parent's allegations about you prove to be untrue? Did it cause you stress and cost a fortune for a Lawyer?

Guest 6 5,174
Preview Abolition of the FMC Good, Bad and how it m… MikeT 3 4,711
Preview 2020 Summit

Submissions to Australia 2020 Summit

Jon Pearson 9 7,364
Preview Barriers to Overcoming Change In Legislation Hot topic

Yes the law could be better , the system could be fairer - what prevents this from happening?

Jon Pearson 14 8,255
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Primary Attachment Theory Hot topic

How is this used in court? What do we understand about childrens' counsellors and what purpose do the children's counsellors provide in the court process

Jon Pearson 37 23,006
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview What further legislative change is required…

Various discussions around additional changes needed

OneRingRules 4 5,966
ocf_emoticons/cheeky Preview Policy recommendations for consideration

For consideration, review and to be incorporated into the Policy Recommendations we are developing.

Geoff Holland 2 4,169
ocf_emoticons/rockon Preview Draft policy suggestions

Draft policy suggestions to implement a Presumption of Equal Parenting Time in the Family Law Act, and other policies to support this and to support mediation processes in Family Relationship Centres

Geoff Holland 14 9,776
ocf_emoticons/smile Preview New stategy - Protect children from one par…

Simon Hunt proposes a new approach with discusson around new legislation that stops one parent from excluding the other

OneRingRules 1 4,327
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Problems with Family Court Counsellors Poll

We must change the entrenched attitudes of Mediators and Counsellors in the court system

Geoff Holland 1 4,577
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Fatal weaknesses of Section 65DAA

Section 65DAA, fatal weaknesses, court dependency, arbitrary subjective judgements

Geoff Holland 3 6,072
Preview Feedback on 20 Policy Recommendations

policy recommendations, feedback, property, Child Support

Geoff Holland 2 4,566
Preview Three more policies: dual mediators, affirm…

Policy recommendations, dual mediators, affirmative action, abandon pretentious attire

Geoff Holland 6 6,278
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview "Revisiting", "face to face negotiation"

Please clarify "face to face negotiation" and Revisiting matters that have already been heard

Geoff Holland 2 4,965
ocf_emoticons/wub Preview The Hon Robert McClelland MP, Member for Ba… SunkClosedPoll

What do we know about Robert? What should we be putting together? Any information on Robert McClelland?

Secretary SPCA 9 7,137

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