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Introduction question


This forum is intended to be a positive approach to reward those members of the judicial system who are performing above and beyond the call of duty.

It may well be some clerk of the court or at the front office who has done something special. It may well be the clerk of the court who has looked after you while attending. Perhaps a Magistrate has impressed you with some attention to detail in some matter. It may well be a complex piece of law that a Judge has dealt with in an interesting way.

We would like to hear about those occurrences, those special moments that are interesting to those who have been or are likely to go through the system in the future…
This forum is definitely not about carrying on a vendetta or vilification about anyone or any matter associated with the Family Law system. There are closed forums where there are less stringent controls.

You must answer YES to indicate you have understood the intent of this forum before you can proceed to post. Guest accounts cannot post here but can read only !!

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