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Family Reports under s11A and external Family Reports

Covers the FAMILY REPORT both those types of reports made within the family court under s 11A of the Act and outside the court through private practitioners. These reports can have a significant impact on the outcome.
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ocf_emoticons/cry Preview 11f memorandum Hot topic

The family consultant made numerous mistakes of facts and didn't even view the subpoenaed documents.

Claralyn 33 453
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview Is an unsworn family report admissible?

Family law rule 15.62(1) (c) requires an expert's report to be verified by an affidavit.

srldad101 3 93
ocf_emoticons/blink Preview Family Report - second opinion

Is it possible to get a second opinion to a family report?

Novantic 6 1,327
ocf_emoticons/dry Preview ICL involvement for an updated family report?

Seven or eight months ago I attended a court ordered family report appointment . The court has ordered another done before final hearing begins in few months. Since the first report compiled & now there has been an ICL put in place

anonymoususername 1 293
Preview Trial by family consultant intrview fotsyfots 3 1,268
Preview Experience of Family Report on Final Orders... Simplytryingdad 4 2,186
Preview Thoughts/opinions appreciated Poll

Coming up for final hearing...serious nerves

Simplytryingdad 3 1,166
Preview family report overwhelmed 2 998
Preview Family Report went well... I think

Anyone felt confident but was then disappointed?

Circe 2 770
Preview Family Report Cost kalimnadancer 5 1,000
Preview family report dad needs some advice

if the children dont want to live with their mother how does this effect the family report

Guest 6 3,428
Preview Children required to attend someone elses F…

Can't find the justification

GoodDad 7 2,001
Preview How to address family report.
Boots 21 14,241
Preview Family Report

When is the family report required to be available

grakat1 9 1,349

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