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Looks Like Our Journey through Court Is Just Starting

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Grandparents Seeking Visitation - Daughter Is Just So Mean

Hello Everybody,
My partner Penny has been refused access at all to her 7 Grandchildren to her daughter since 2012. She is not allowed emails, phone calls or not even allowed to send them birthday or christmas gifts.

Her daughter has abused the children in the past and the children have four different fathers. The children range from 17 to 9 months old and even the last father (of the 9 month old) has now left her and lives in Hervey Bay in Queensland.

The two eldest children are 17 and 15 and in their cases, they do not see their fathers and have not seen them for over 13 years. In both cases, their paternal grandparents have never seen their grandson.

The father of the four girls does not show any interest in fighting for access to his daughters and again, his parents have not seen their wonderful grandaughters for a number of years.

So far we have been before the Registrar three times, had the report by the Family Court assessor, had Mediation which really upset my partner so it appears the next step is Court.

We applied for Legal Aid but was refused despite our appeal so it appears we will be representing ourselves.

My partner's daughter has so far accused me of stalking her 13 year old daughter but she does not have a single bit of proof plus every time I went near the house, I had a witness with me and she has not accused the witness of stalking either.

She has now sought a Court injunction banning my partner and any of her agents from coming near the children.

We have done a 22 page affidavit with events of abuse by the mother on the children and have witnesses to these events. So far the mother has not replied to that affidavit because she knows its the truth.

She has accused my partner of punching her daughter in the stomach but has no medical proof and in fact was not even home when the event supposedly happened. The daughter went to school the next day and if she was hurt at all, she did not scream that much because her two sisters were asleep in their bedroom opposite and they did not even wake up.

Here is a mother who rented out a granny flat to a girl and then left the 13 year old (eldest) to look after the other children while she took a guy into the granny flat and has sex in the bed of the girl who was renting the granny flat and the girl came home and caught her in the act. And yes we have witnesses.

My partner has a minor brain injury from a fall at work (she used to be a science teacher) and suffers from both anxiety and depression so this is really really hard for her but she misses all her grandchildren. (On the positive side, her son allows us free and open access to his two children).

Her daughter has even been physically violent with her eldest son and at least on one occasion he has attempted to leave home and live with his grandmother to which his mother threatened with having him charged with assault so that he could not live with his grandmother.

At our last appearance before the Registrar (we travel from Coffs Harbour to Parramatta for each appearance), the Registrar said that there was a chance the court would allow us access to the children whenever we are in Sydney to take the children out for dinner or lunch but the mother totally refuses that access.

We paid $150 to have a family law solicitor review our proposed orders and his advice was that they were all very reasonable.

But after our mediation, my partner is now having second thoughts about progressing with our case.  The questions are - can we run the case ourselves?   can my partner withstand questioning in court?  can we handle the case with the subpoenas and evidence?

I am the one doing all the paperwork as I do have experience as a civilian manager with the Navy in a past job so filling out forms is like second nature.

Nice to meet you all.

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